Monis Full Cream


Dark brown in colour, this full cream sherry holds sweet vanilla
flavours with nuts and honey. Rich toffee and brown sugar aromatics
with hints of barley sugar, spice and honey comes to the fore with a
beautifully balanced and delicate character. Serve chilled before or
after dinner. It also makes a versatile addition to sauces and
reductions and adds a delicious depth of flavor to soups.

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All of our Sherry style wines are produced using Chenin Blanc grapes.
The wines are matured for three years in 500 liter Criadera barrels
inoculated with Flor yeast. After blending it is transferred to large
1150 liter Solera barrels for further three years and then blended with a
very sweet sherry called Paxierato create a generous, rich and mouth
filling sherry.

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