Monis Pale Dry


This pale dry sherry is aromatic and crisp with a refreshingly dry
character. The flavours are diverse yet well balanced and on the nose
the complex combination of salt and citrus lead to ripe pear and nuts.
On the palate the sherry is clean with mineral notes, a dry lime flavour
and cashew nuts that end in a rich, nutty and long, dry finish. Served
slightly chilled it makes a fine aperitif but is also the ideal
accompaniment to spicy prawns, veal escallops, macadamia-crusted
line fish or a mezze platter consisting of Parma ham, thinly sliced
ostrich biltong, nuts and strong flavourful cheeses.

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All of our Sherry style wines are produced using Chenin Blanc grapes.
The wines are matured for three years in 500 liter Criadera barrels
inoculated with Flor yeast. After blending it is transferred to large
1150 liter Solera barrels for further three years and then blended with a
very sweet sherry called Paxierato create a generous, rich and mouth
filling sherry.

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